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The New Year has just started, here are some crystals that will help you kick off 2024

If you want to find love the Rose Quartz would be the best crystal to help. This beautiful soft pink stone fosters feelings of love and warmth, both for yourself and others. It’s wonderful for building deep connections.

If you’re looking to write a book the Lapis Lazuli crystal can help with that. If you’re feeling blocked and want this to be the year you finally churn out that big creative project, lapis lazuli can help. This stone is thought to allow you to tap deep into your spirit so your divine ideas and purpose can flow out onto the paper.

To attract money and good fortune the Citrine will do just the trick. Citrine is the perfect stone to channel feelings of abundance, wealth, and a sense of security. Citrine is thought to be especially great at helping your grandest visions make their way from your daydreams into reality. With that charming combination of citrine, gold flakes, and clear quartz, your inner girl power can go happily into overdrive.

To help with confidence the Emerald crystal can help, The key to confidence is vitality, energy, and focus. Emerald is said to help make this happen by helping you shed negativity, embrace love from yourself and others, and strengthen your connection to the divine. This powerful stone can be a balm for any confidence issues you’re struggling with.

If you’re looking to make new friends but just need a little push the Carnelian can help, A happy person is magnetic to others, so if you’re looking to grow your social circle or even bring a new BFF into your life, you’ll want a stone that will bring you confidence and joy. Carnelian is the way to go. It’s said to help you feel more positive, expressive, and outgoing.

Come see the different kinds of crystals and gems we have at Brownhaze Jewelry. We are sure that you will find a piece that will "knock your socks off for 2024".

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