Since 2018 Brownhaze Jewelry has been creating unique pieces of jewelry that integrates the beauty of nature into pieces of jewelry that can be worn by men and women.  We take pride in every piece that we make as each piece is handcrafted and is a one-of-a-kind "staple" for our brand. We source our materials from natural environments and strive to produce jewelry that is sustainable yet unique enough to stand out in a crowd. 


Meet the Founder

Len Brown founded of Brownhaze Jewelry in 2018 to provide customers with hand-made jewelry that is sustainably sourced, unique and made with love & care. In fall of 2021, Brown was also accepted into Cal State Los Angeles’ LEEAF (Leading for Equity in Entrepreneurship Accelerator & Fellowship) Business Accelerator. 

Everytime you purchase from us, you are supporting a black-woman owned business & contributing to our larger efforts in social enterprise. Thank you for shopping with Brownhaze Jewelry!

In 2020,  we added the goal of providing jobs for Transitional Aged Youth (those aging out of the Foster Care System).  These youth need viable skills to take them into the future and provide them with jobs that can help them in future endeavors, both financially and professionally. Brownhaze Jewelry can be the "stepping stone" for these young people and open doors for their futures.


Our Mission is to become a "staple" in the community as the business that helps young people prepare for the future and become independent adults who are able to move ahead with their lives in a positive manner.