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Since 2018 Brownhaze Jewelry has been creating unique pieces of jewelry that integrates the beauty of nature into pieces of jewelry that can be worn by men and women. The mission of the company is to create a sustainable line of jewelry that reminds people that we are part of the environment and that beauty is found all around us, even in the things that we wear.  In 2020,  we added the goal of providing jobs for Transitional Aged Youth (those aging out of the Foster Care System).  These youth need viable skills to take them into the future and provide them with jobs that can help them in future endeavors, both financially and professionally. Brownhaze Jewelry can be the "stepping stone" for these young people and open doors for their futures. As the world is opening back up, we plan to start providing jobs and training for these individuals. Your purchase will help us achieve this goal.


 The owner is delightful and creates beautiful handmade jewelry using natural elements and obviously a great deal of passion for what she does. R. Zandbergen - Utah

Beautiful jewelry that I can wear with almost anything. Well crafted, very stylish & eye catching!  K. Dorsey - California

The owner works very hard on all the pieces and it shows! The pieces are beautifully hand-crafted, and it feels like each one is made with love. M. Porter - California

Loved the combination of refined and rough, casual and classy, sophisticated and warm. Very sexy and definitely not cookie cutter.  F. Braxton - California

I am 
obsessed with these pieces from Brownhaze. I can tell they were made with so much love and intention.  C. Manice - California

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