Nature all Around Us

Since global warming and climate change are certainly an issue these days, and we all want to live a little cleaner, why not recycle or upcycle what we can find around us, instead of purchasing more plastic? There are many ways we can use what nature gives us or make use of items we used for something else, like these cans. Don't believe me? Just wait.

I have seen many ways to use a tree branch, but never like this.

Wow! Not only is it pretty but it is all natural and adds character to the ambiance of the room, as well as showcases the jewelry well. Although this is a more natural rustic ambiance, a tree branch - which by the way is free - can be used in many different ways. A fun way to turn a tree branch into something fancier is with the help of spray paint, in gold or silver, to give it more of an industrial look. If you don't want to use a tree branch that is in perfect shape as a jewelry stand, you can also turn it into a lof other things. For example, it could be used as decoration in a planter with some rocks around and some added light strings, or a cute Halloween tree centerpiece with Halloween ornaments. It can even be used as a lamp if it is a big branch, or a coat and hat rack. As you can see, there is plenty of inspiration out there, especially on TikTok and Pinterest.

So next time you go for a stroll in the park or the woods and you see some lonely branches laying around, make sure to give them a new home and turn them into something pretty and useful.

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