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Our jewelry is handmade by the maker, L. Brown, or occasionally from volunteer foster youth or other young people from various neighborhoods.  The materials are sourced from natural resources found on earth. Such pieces as wood, rocks and stones, glass,  metals and sea shells can be used to produce unique pieces that can be worn by men or women. These materials are shaped and often wrapped in wire and attached with leather cord.  All of our pieces can be made with "non-leather" cords if necessary.  Occasionally, we obtain special pieces from other countries that we add into our inventory, made by the native people of that country. 


For 2023, we will be adding a new collection that will feature painted denim.  Here we will take clothes made of denim material, such as dresses and jackets, and decorate them with various colors of acrylic paint to create uniques designs.  We expect this line to launch 2nd quarter of 2023.

About Our Leather
Green Agate


We select natural materials found on earth to make our pieces.  Materials such as wood, rock and stones, gems, glass, glass, sea shells and metals are shaped into various forms to make uniques pieces that can be worn by men and women.  We consciously source in an eco-friendly manner as we feel it is extremely important to pay attention to our environment and the impact that we make for our sustainable futures (even with small pieces such as jewelry).

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